Speed up layer comps to PNG export

Speed up layer comps to PNG export

If you use layer comps in photoshop in your workflow for artwork and export sets to PNG and JPG you will want to know about this trick. It will reduce the time you spend waiting on photoshop to export to about 1/10th the time. Exporting layer comps to png can be a lot faster. But you need an extra step.

So what do you do to achieve this wonderful speed increase?

Watch it as a video

Watch me do this to one of my artworks and save a bunch of time below!

Step1: Record an action

Record an action that does the following things:

  • Open a file
  • flatten image
  • Save as (png)
  • Save as (jpg)
  • Close file

(see last part of the video below on how to do this)

And name it something like (Export to png-jpg)

An example action

Step 2: Export your layer comps to PSD first

You then export your layer comps using the layercomps to files feature like you would for PNG. But instead you select PSD as your target format. Save these to a seperate folder like “Sources”

Step 3: Use batch automation

Now you use the automate -> Batch feature to run your action. To export your PNG files

Be sure to use these settings:

  • Play: Set (your set)
  • Play: Action (your action)
  • Source: Folder (select your sources folder)
  • check “Overide Action “Open” Commands”
  • check “Suppress File Open Options Dialogs”
  • Destination: Folder
  • Choose your “target” folder
  • check “Overide Action “Save As” Commands
  • For file naming select “Document name” and “extension”

Want so see it in a video?

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